Wild Leek-Infused Sherry Vinegar (Infuse)

Infusions are the easiest preserve to make. Simply chop up cleaned vegetables and drop them into something acidic or alcoholic. (You can replace the vinegar in this recipe with vodka and use it for Caesars!) Add this infused vinegar to mushrooms or a stir fry while cooking, use it in a vinaigrette, or add a few drops to buttered steamed vegetables right before serving. The leeks can stay in the vinegar indefinitely. To use the actual leeks in cooking, make sure to finely chop them, as they will be very acidic.

Effort: 2 minutes. Elapsed: 1 month. Eat: Within 12 months.

1 to 2 cups sherry vinegar

Bulb portion of 4 wild leeks

In a clean glass container or bottle (I often use the vinegar bottle), add the vinegar and bulbs. Cover with a lid. Store in a cool, dark space (we store ours under the sink) and begin to use after one month.