By Caitlin Ferguson

Vodkas are generally produced using corn, so Still Waters Distillery’s use of malted barley opens up a whole world of flavours that most vodkas just can’t offer. Still Waters single malt vodka has a more textured mouth feel and flavour profile that only truly premium vodkas can compete with. This is why I would suggest enjoying this spirit either neat or in a simple classic cocktail such as a dry martini, to fully appreciate the creamy, nutty flavours of the malted barley.

2 oz Still Waters Single Malt Vodka

1/2 oz dry vermouth

Thinly pared lemon peel or a few olives

Half-fill a chilled pitcher or cocktail shaker with ice cubes. Pour in the vodka and vermouth. Use a long spoon to stir the mixture well. Hold the ice back with the spoon and pour the cocktail into a chilled 3-ounce cocktail glass. Serve garnished with a piece of lemon peel or olives skewered with a toothpick, whichever you prefer.