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Winter 2017

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Explore Edible Torontos latest online magazine, Winter 2017.

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Celebrating the abundance of local foods in the Golden Horseshoe

A Message from Gail Gordon Oliver, our Publisher and Editor

Just under ten years ago, I decided to start my own Edible magazine and contacted Edible Communities founders Tracey Ryder and Carole Topalian in order to begin the process of  purchasing the license for Edible Toronto. In the spring of 2007, the term “local food” was barely being used. How times have changed.

I’ve been on a remarkable, truly inspiring journey while pursuing my mission to promote authentically produced (read “pure”) local foods and beverages and celebrate the dedicated, extraordinary people and businesses that grow, raise, craft, distribute, and sell these foods.

And now it’s time for Edible Toronto to begin a new chapter. This is my last issue as publisher and editor. I recently decided to sell the magazine and, to my absolute delight, found the perfect buyers – the fabulous team who launched Edible Ottawa just over two years ago: editor Tara Simpson and publishers Laurie Kizik and Justin Faubert. Beginning in September 2017, they will bring you wonderful stories, photographs, and recipes focusing on Toronto and the Greater Golden Horseshoe, contributed by many of the same talented people you’ve come to love over the past nine years.

Laurie, Tara, and Justin have made their mark in Ottawa with a beautiful, fresh, and informative publication. They’ll bring their insight and expertise to this part of Ontario on a bi-monthly basis. Yes, you’ll soon be able to enjoy Edible Toronto six times a year. As I pass the torch on to these new owners, I feel confident that they’ll bring a revitalizing energy and dynamic to the magazine.

As the owner, publisher, and editor of Edible Toronto, I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to experience and share the immense depth of knowledge, the ethics, and the passion of the people, businesses, and organizations that have been the subjects of our stories. I’ve made some wonderful friendships, too – with many of my fellow Edible publishers and with advertisers, photographers and writers, farmers and food producers, and people involved in associated businesses.

Although I can’t possibly thank everyone who has played a role in the success of Edible Toronto, a special shout-out must go to two very special photographers: Laura Berman of GreenFuse Photography, whose glorious photos (including our Fall 2007 premiere-issue cover) have graced the pages of many of our issues. Our valued friendship has grown since we first met at a local-food event in spring 2007. And Carole Topalian, co-founder of Edible Communities, whose extensive library of fabulous photos was available to me and gratefully used in almost every issue. I am immensely proud of and thankful to all of my talented writers who brought Edible Toronto's stories to life.

Hearty thanks to Daiva Kryzanauskas of The Big Carrot for immediately embracing the concept of the magazine by placing an ad in our very first issue and in every subsequent one. To Joe Virgona of Fiesta Farms, I offer my sincere gratitude for taking “ownership” of the back cover since issue number two, Winter 2007.

To my designer, Melissa Petersen, I can’t thank you enough for creating the beautiful magazines you’ve pieced together over the past nine years and for being such a delight to work with. 

When I was launching the magazine, I decided to go as environmentally friendly as possible with the printing of it. Every issue has been printed here in Toronto by Warren’s Waterless Printing using 100 percent post-consumer recycled FSC-certified paper, vegetable-based inks, and not a single drop of water. The print quality of every edition has been stellar and I couldn’t have asked for better, more personalized service. Edible Toronto

Many thanks to all of our other advertisers, photographers and illustrators, and our subscribers, readers, and distributors, who have helped to make Edible Toronto the go-to print media source for local-food information in the Greater Golden Horseshoe region.

As for me, I won’t be disappearing from the food world. Although I have no definite plans, freelance editing and recipe development, food writing and consulting, a potential cookbook, and volunteer work are distinct possibilities.

With warmest regards,